Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DUM DUM Dum... Awesome Read! Midnight Riot!

Looking for a great read to fill those lonely nghts?
Well, look no further than Midnight Riot by Ben Aaronovitch!
It's about a young, black, british contables named Peter Grant who becomes the apprentice of the last Wizard of London! The story is a great read and constable Peter Grant has one of the cutest personalities ever. He has this way of taking in all the weird, supernatural, and magical events around him in a completely logical manner. And, he also uses that logic of his to justify breaking rules and getting into all sorts of trouble. The book starts off with Peter guarding a murder scene... and then taking the statement of the only eye witness-- who just so happens to be a ghost.He does everything the way he's supposed too-- in a proper copper manner. He's intrinsically curious, and has no problem appreciating the female form of his partner Leslie and a local water goddess named Beverly.He has to solve the case of supernatural violent murders in which people's faces fall after the murderous assault is completed. Over all, it's a great read and so I did a little fan doodle for one of my favorite books!
I love constable Peter Grant! Trust me, he will make you smile.... in a good way.

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