Monday, August 6, 2012

wal-mart drama and natural hair

Okay, I've got some Wal-mart drama.
I work as cashier at Wal-mart part time but it feels like a full time job. So anyway, I've recently gone all natural with my hair these past couple of months after I transitioned for a year. So now I rock the really cute twist out Afro look that real low maintenance and easy to handle. So I go to work today and one of my co-workers-- who i nicknamed "Little Orphan Annie" because her name is Ann. So yeah, I go to work today and I'm like "Hi Annie, can i borrow your spray bottle" so i could clean up my register before it got to busy. She takes one look at me and rolls her eyes and says, " I don't know about your hair today...." in a totally insulting manner. Now keep in mind-- I'm black and Annie is white.
Like I give a crap her opinion when she comes to work looking a hot mess EVERYDAY!
So I tell her, " I don't care what you think. It's my hair and I can do what I want with it."
Yeah, she was really rude. Especially the fact that I've gotten hit on by more white guys in the past couple of months than my whole life because of the hair. I've gotten more compliments that I can handle, and alot of smiles, and a lot of stares from people who act like they've never seen natural hair on a black person. See, today-- I was totally polite. But here is what I wanted t say. Look Below.:
Yeah, here's my doodle on what I was thinking. Now I'm a really sweet person, but today I almost took the halo off and popped one in her behind.Whenever I'm feeling down about myself-- I watch this video.
There's more than one different kind of beauty.

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